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Hogjaw - Rollin Thunder

Hogjaw has entered into the southern rock scene head-on. Hailing from the desert land of Arizona, Hogjaw is brandishing their own trail of rock & roll, while having brought back the sound of blazing guitars and thundering drums.

Formed by high school friends Jonboat Jones (vocals/guitar), Kreg Self (lead guitar), Elvis DD (Bass) & J. "Kwall" Kowalski (drums) in 2006, they deliver a dose of genuine rocking goodness. Each of them have years of experience with different bands, but with combining their talent created that hard rockin monster we know today as Hogjaw.

These past few years Hogjaw’s fan base has brought them some great accomplishments they are excited with. With lyrics telling real stories, Hogjaw’s debut album “Devil in the Details” came out in 2008 and was among the top selling CD’s in 2008-2009 through Hogjaw videos have been in the top 10 at MTV partner "" and they have European and American distributors with proven turn around sales.

With the release of the second instalment to the Hogjaw catalog, "Ironwood"; in 2010, the band is still on course. "Ironwood" proves these guys have talent that is going to keep rolling through the songs that define the artists and keeping true to what they stand for. This sophomore release has brought Hogjaw continued and elevated success by boosting CD sales taking the number one spot at "" for three straight weeks as well as their song "Gitsum" being added to episodes on Versus Network cable TV show "3-Gun Nation".

Hogjaw has had great opportunities to spend time in 2010 on a U.S tour. Travelling through several states playing major events, clubs, bars, rallies and benefits with acts such as; Cowboy Mouth, Helmet, RATT, Valiant Thorr, Rail Benders, Gin Blossoms and Jimmy Van Zant, etc. After joining with European Booking Agency, Teenage Head Music, a three week tour through Europe is coming up in April - May 2011 and in addition there are plans in the works to tour the U.S again in late 2011.

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2008  Devil in the Details
2010  Ironwood


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